Saturday, December 15

My Pink Ombré

It was a LONG time ago, 2 months, that I had the poll to decide what my hair should look like when I finally got to my sister so she could color it for me!

I figured I should finally show you guys the pictures!
The winner was ombre and my sister choose Orchid and Light Pink.
You will have to forgive this one....  I had just got back from the gym, but my hair had been in a braid and it just looked so pretty when I took it down!
Here is one from the back.  Fuzzy picture, but so cool right!
Here is a day I decided to curl it.  I figured I would get you a two for one pic!  I love how it looks curled!
I love my pink ombre.  The hubby does too.  He is just being silly.  Now to figure out what color to do next!  Hubby suggested Dark Blue and Green?

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